Flowdrill Verfahren

Flowdrill - Chipless process with no waste

We offer the Flowdrill process and apply it where the material thickness...[more]

Sheet & tube fabricating

Sheet & tube fabricating
Sheet & tube fabricating

As an innovative family enterprise in the industrial sheet metal and tube processing sector, in Frankfurt we produce sheet metal parts, assemblies and system components using the latest techniques. For over 45 years we have been a reliable partner to many industrial companies.

Here is a quick summary of our capabilities:

Sheet metal processing

  • bending sheet
  • edging sheet
  • cutting sheet
  • stamping sheet
  • forming sheet
  • sheet metal working (tools and stainless steel)

Tube processing

  • shaping stainless steel tubes
  • bending stainless steel tubes

Other services

  • processing stainless steel
  • stamping metal
  • folding aluminium
  • Flowdrill production
  • Flowdrilling and tapping