Flowdrill Verfahren

Flowdrill - Chipless process with no waste

We offer the Flowdrill process and apply it where the material thickness...[more]


CNC drilling
CNC drilling
Production processes
Production processes
Sand and glass bead blasting
Sand and glass bead blasting

The Helmut Fritz GmbH company employs a variety of different production methods. As a result of high vertical integration, we can better influence the end result. We also produce under contract. 

In the field of metal removal, we focus on the following manufacturing processes:

  • milling (conventional / CNC)
  • grinding (various stylus grinders and flat grinding machines)
  • drilling (conventional / CNC)
  • turning (conventional)

Our stamping division is equipped with a variety of hydraulic and eccentric presses with a stamping force of 20 -100t. Medium-sized series or batches can be produced using our three presses with a stamping force of 30t, 50t, or 80t.

Besides the above-mentioned production processes, we also use sand and glass bead blasting. Here, besides a manual sand blaster, we have a semi-automatic blaster with 6 discs available.

A special feature is the Flowdrill and Flowtap processes which we use in our company. Using these we can perform chipless drilling and tapping. Our drilling centre is equipped with appropriate equipment for minimum spraying (MQL) of lubricant (FDKS).

We also have work stations designed for assembly work, welding and brazing jobs.

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