Flowdrill Verfahren

Flowdrill - Chipless process with no waste

We offer the Flowdrill process and apply it where the material thickness...[more]

Assembly production

Assembly production
Assembly production
machine components
machine components

Apart from individual components, we manufacture complete assemblies. Whether they be for machines, plant or special construction, we will find a solution to your problem.

Our range of services includes the assembly of:

  • bolt connections
  • welding joints
  • solder connections
  • Of course, these methods can also be used in any combination.

 Our product range includes among other things:

  • conveyor systems
  • brackets
  • flow-diverting units
  • enclosures
  • feed units
  • mechanical assemblies
  • base frames
  • feed rollers
  • tool holders
  • functional units
  • system modules

Are you interested in our assembly production services? Then contact us in Maintal near Frankfurt!