Flowdrill Verfahren

Flowdrill - Chipless process with no waste

We offer the Flowdrill process and apply it where the material thickness...[more]

Special models

We offer space-saving alternatives in Design A. Our staff will be pleased to inform you about dimensions and prices.

  • custom build

  • custom build
  • custom build

Design B

We offer affordable alternatives for Design B.

Design B is designated by the Standard for high overload areas and if you can exclude these cases, it would be a possible to use Design A. Our staff will be pleased to provide information on availability, price, sizes, etc.

Of course, other dimensions, materials or values ??are not a problem for us. Contact our staff for more information.

In addition to the voltages mentioned 60mV, 100mV, 150mV, 200mV, 300mV, we are also able to produce shunts with other voltages, such as 10mV, 15, 20mV, 25mV, 30mV, 35mV, 38mV, 40mV, 42mV, 50mV, 52mV, 58mV, 75mV, 80mV, 90mV, ...., 1.000mV.